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Marijuana Business Insurance

Problem Solved: Insurance companies have yet to fully embrace the cannabis industry. But we now have an arrangement with an international insurance broker that has engineered a solution to provide small to high/limits benefit, term insurance to marijuana companies for key person coverage as well as buy/sell insurance.

Simplified-Issue: No Medical Exams, Blood Draws or Urinalyses.

Rapid Underwriting: Underwriting and approval is done quickly which helps address the often annoyingly-short lender and investor timeline constraints on expending.

Case Study – Marijuana Dispensary
An investment firm needed $3 million of key person insurance on the two owners of a state-approved marijuana dispensary. Because of the federal legal concerns with cannabis industry at this time, traditional carriers declined to quote the case. With the cooperation of our international underwriters we were able to offer a multi-year term policy for the full benefit amount on each person.

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This type of coverage can also be used for any business where there may be a health or underwriting issue.

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